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We follow the Polish National Curriculum in line with the current regulation of the Ministry of Education.
We choose the most valuable programmes.
We have been authorized in the IB PYP since 2013. This programme extends the Polish National Curriculum to a great extend.
We implement a foreign language teaching programme called from YLE 2 CPE! ? we prepare our students to Cambridge ESOL Exams.


Our aims:

  • ensuring a high standard of teaching
  • promoting an inquiry-based approach to teaching and developing critical thinking
  • integrating knowledge from a variety of areas through implementing transdisciplinary themes
  • communicating in a variety of aspects of language knowledge and usage
  • cooperation of all the people involved in the teaching and learning process
  • creating an atmosphere of respect and kindness as well as a safe and supportive learning environment
  • improving and developing
  • openness to new ideas and educational innovations


The school offers:

  • curriculum that follows the Polish National Curriculum enhances by the elements of the IB PYP
  • additional art education: music, painting, DT an drama lessons in Grades 1-3
  • an increased amount of Polish, history and Maths lessons in Grades 4-6
  • 5 English lessons per week in Grades 1-6
  • 2 Spanish or German lessons per week in Grades 4-6
  • 4 PE lessons per week including Tennis and Swimming
  • psychological care
  • After School classes (7.30-17.30)
  • extracurricular lessons: art, maths, history, journalistic, drama, sport
  • group compensatory classes
  • 2 graduate classes lessons per week in Grade 6

Additionally paid:

  • extracurricular classes: chess, pottery, photography, dance, football, origami
  • trips, including theatres, museums, etc.
  • individual compensatory and speech therapy classes
  • dinners (catering)
Niepubliczna Szkola Podstawowa nr 97 * ul. Abramowskiego 4 * 02-659 Warszawa * tel. 22 853 36 60