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History of a certain dream


Long, long time ago there was a shy girl. She wanted to become a teacher in the future. Every day she would run back home, take her ?lesson plan? and play school with her friends. Ewa, because that was her name, would teach children to read, write and count. After many years her dream came true. She become a real teacher.
Dreams come true not only in fairytales, you just need to really want and pursue. You also need to smile a lot to yourself and others. Then people will help you create reality that even outgrows the dreams. It was like that in my case. The history of my dream is still happening.


Ewa Straszewska.



NSP 97, the school that started as a dream began its work on 1 September 1995 in Mokotów. We have been learning and teaching for almost 17 years now. We care about relations so that everyone in our school home could feel safe. Respect and friendship are important values for us. We gain our knowledge through cooperation, experiencing successes and failures. We acquire skills that are crucial in the modern world. We are curious and open to challenges.

Niepubliczna Szkola Podstawowa nr 97 * ul. Abramowskiego 4 * 02-659 Warszawa * tel. 22 853 36 60