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Mission statement


Harmony, cooperation, holistic approach to education of a young person, safety that determine development ? these are the priorities in our work.
The main skill that we want our students to acquire is the ability to communicate in different aspects of language knowledge and usage such as:
the ability to express ideas in a logical and creative way and the ability to listen to others
the ability to choose appropriate methods of communication that lead to significant actions and success
the ability to use symbols, drawings and the mathematical language in more than one language

The school promotes inquiry-based approach to teaching, develops critical thinking and cooperation of all involved in this process.

We aim to develop the following features in our students:

? Responsible, conscientious and trustworthy
? Independent, open and creative
? Honest, right and truthful
? Cultural, tactful and respecting
? Thinking critically
? Striving to their physical and mental well-being

Niepubliczna Szkola Podstawowa nr 97 * ul. Abramowskiego 4 * 02-659 Warszawa * tel. 22 853 36 60